Principal Accounts Office

Ministry of LAW, Justice, Supreme Court of India & Ministry of Corporate Affairs.


Designation:Asstt. accounts officer

Contact Details:  011-24610148 / 011- 24698655
  3rd floor, 'c' wing, Lok Nayak Bhavan, Khan Market, New Delhi - 110003


Brief Description of Principal Accounts Office

The Principal Account Office under CCAs organization performs all administrative and coordination functions and is also responsible for all accounting matters including coordination of accounts of the Ministry. The accounts related functions of the Principal Account Office include:

  1. Submission of Appropriation Accounts;
  2. Submission of Statement of Central Transactions;
  3. Submission of material for Union Finance Accounts to the CGA, Ministry of Finance & DG, Audit Central Revenues.
  4. Payment of loans and grants to State Govts, and PSUs;
  5. Procuring and supplying of cheque books to PAOs/CDDOs;
  6. Maintaining liaison with CGA and accredited bank. Verifying and reconciling all receipts and payments made on behalf of the Ministry through the accredited bank;
  7. Maintaining accounts with RBI related to the Ministry and reconciling cash balances.
  8. Rendering of advice on finance and accounts matters to the Departments.
  9. Preparation of manuals keeping in view the objective of management accounting system.
  10. And maintaining necessary liaison with CGA's Office & to effect overall coordination and control in accounting and administrative matters.