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Reconciliation of Share Capital Audit Report (Half-yearly)

[Pursuant to sub-rule (8) of rule 9A Companies (Prospectus and Allotment of Securities Rules, 2014.)]

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3  Period of Filing

5  *Details of share as per class


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Percentage of Total Issued Capital

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*Total no. of issued shares

(f) *Details of changes in share capital during the half-year under consideration as per Table below:


Number of shares

Whether intimated


 Whether intimated


(i)  Number of shares at the 

beginning of the 

reporting period

(ii) Rights

(iii) Bonus

(iv) Private Placement

(v) ESOPs

(vi) Amalgamation

(vii) Conversion

(viii) Buy back

(ix) Capital Reduction

(x) Forfeiture

(xi) Any Other (Please


(xii) Number of shares at

the end of the

reporting period

(g) Details of Shares held by:




(i) *Promoters

(ii) *Directors

(iii) *KMPs

7 *Details of Demat requests

Total No. of Demat


No. of requests

No. of shares

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