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Mutual Funds


Read the offer document carefully before investing

Mention your bank account number in the application form

Invest in a scheme depending upon your investment objective and risk appetite

Note that Net Asset Value ( NAV) of a scheme is subject to changes depending upon market conditions

Insist on a copy of the offer document/key information memorandum before investing, and read it carefully

Note that past performance of a scheme or a fund is not indicative of the scheme’s or the fund’s future performance. Past performance of a scheme may or may not be sustained in future

Keep regular track of the NAV of the schemes in which you have invested

Ensure that you receive an account statement for the money that you have invested


Don’t invest in a scheme just because somebody is offering you a commission or other incentives, gifts etc

Don’t get carried away by the name of the scheme/mutual fund

Don’t fall prey to promises of unrealistic returns

Don’t forget to take note of risks involved in the investment

Don’t hesitate to approach the proper authorities for redressal of your doubts/grievances

Don’t deal with any agent/broker dealer who is not registered with the Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI)


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