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Collective Investment Schemes


Ensure that the entity is registered with SEBI

Read the offer document of the scheme carefully

Check the viability of the project

Check and verify the background/expertise of the promoters

Ensure clear and marketable title of the property/assets of the entity

Ensure that the Collective Investment Management Company (CIMC) has the necessary infrastructure to carry out the activities of the scheme

Check the credit rating of the scheme and tenure of the rating

Check for the appraisal of the scheme and read the brief appraisal report

Read carefully the objects of the scheme

Check for the promise vis-a-vis performance of the earlier schemes, if any, in the offer document

Ensure that the CIMC furnishes you with a copy of the Annual Report within two months from the closure of each financial year

Note that SEBI cannot guarantee or undertake the repayment of money to the investors


Don’t invest in any CIS entity not having SEBI registration

Don’t get carried away by indicative returns

Don’t invest based on market rumours or advertisements


Report Suspicious

Report a

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