Steps sequentially to file statement of investor-wise statement of shares transferred, amounts credited unclaimed and unpaid amounts

  1. Install the Pre-requisite Software's to proceed. To know and install the same click on 'Prerequisite Software' link
  2. Download Forms IEPF-1/IEPF-2/IEPF-4 as per the requirement.
  3. Fill the forms according to the instructions given in its instruction kit
  4. upload the form in MCA21 Portal
  5. After the IEPF Form are filled and uploaded on the MCA21 portal, you are required to provide the details in excel file for investor wise details of shares transferred to IEPF/amounts credit to IEPF/unclaimed and unpaid amount
  6. Download the excel templates from the IEPF Portal
  7. Fill in the required excel template with investor-wise detail. Refer the read Me instruction provided in the excel template
  8. Upload the excel file with investor-wise details in IEPF portal
  9. After all the details are uploaded confirm upload of form details

For more details please refer the FAQ’s